Elf Quest

4. Bone to Pick. (Part One)

where's your head at?

After a night of rest, our adventurers get up early, leave Beatrice in the care of the innkeeper, and set out with Pim for Lady Stormwind’s keep, about an hour outside of Waterdeep. Though fog sets in and the road seeks to circle them back or trip them up, they make it to a moat-like crevasse around the outside.

The party stumbles upon a body without a head, fairly recently dead and dressed in rags. Rather than climbing up and continuing onwards, they look around for a secret passageway and Vanik finds one. A small hovel of a room yields very little, but Arjas sticks his head through a hole and catches the attention of a bat. Not just any bat, but a headless bat with teeth in its neck that latches onto Rin’s throat. Once they fight it off, they realize this was probably how the body lost its head, and hurry on.

Immediately they come to a room with an obelisk in it. Rin realizes it’s magical, but before he can say anything, Cerith touches it… with her tongue. It tastes like Gatorade and influences her to act without fear. Enjoying this rush of freedom from anxiety, she encourages the others to try it. Only Pim does, and she becomes reluctant and despondent. Otherwise, the party moves on.

They choose to follow deviations from the winding tunnels at random, and find themselves emerging from a secret door in a library. Cerith approaches a suit of armor and is attacked when it animates; but Vanik chops its arm off and Rin shoots its head off. However Arjas notices there are more bats coming up the tunnel after them. Cerith discovers another secret door and they flee, only to slide all the way down a slippery slope and come to rest outside a door guarded by a bored skull. It informs them it is bespelled to kill anyone who enters the door to the vault beyond. Cerith sends an Unseen Servant and it is not killed, able to tell the party of the gold, but when its task is to bring out the gold, the skull destroys it. The party decides discretion is the better part of valor and put a pin in it, deciding to come back and free the trapped wizard spirit later.

The skull does help them move onwwards, and they discover more skulls – a library full of them, catalogued according to some ancient elven alphabet. On an altar in the middle, magic runes instruct people to ASK. The party decides to skip this entire room. PASS THANKS. They move forward into a lone room lined with detailed statues; just as they are about to leave, one of the statues wakes up, and after chatting with her they learn a little bit about Lady Stormwind and her enchantments on the house. She made the bats, the library of talking skulls, the armor and the guardian of the vault. She is a scientist who uses magic to create life. And what type of person is she? A clever one.

When the statue returns to her sleep, the party considers using the ASK altar or waiting for another statue to wake up, but decides their original goal of finding Lady Stormwind is better hurried towards now that they are in her house and she may realize their presence.



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